Astrology Reports

The Universal Psychic Guild brings together some of the most informative astrology reports available today. These reports cover all areas of your life and provide you with a valuable reference now and in the future.

Through your report you will be able to plan your life and become more familiar with the various aspects within yourself.

These reports are developed by highly skilled psychic practitioners with a deep understanding of astrology and psychic insight. You will be amazed at some of the revelations your report will present you with and be able to have a greater understanding of life and your role within it.

We hope you enjoy your report and the benefits it brings you.

Types of Reports

Life Reports

These reports uncover your horoscope for Past, Current and Future life path.

Love, Romance & Compatibility Reports

These reports analyse the relationship between 2 people for both romantic and friendship relationships as well as your love forecast horoscope.

Forecast & Horoscope Reports

These reports are like your personalised horoscope based on your exact birth date. We have forecasts for your love life, health & well being and more.

Numerology Report

Learn what your birth numbers signify through Numerology.

Chinese Astrology Report

See how your Chinese zodiac animal sign can be combined with Western Zodiac.

Birth Charts & Horoscope Wheels

Horoscope maps and wheels show the positions of all the planets at the moment you were born.